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Homemade Natural Soap

Handmade soap the old-fashioned way. We take pride in continuing an art that has been around for centuries. Using only the basics of lye and oil fats we offer an all-natural, hand-made alternative to the chemical-filled detergents sold as soap at the box stores. 

Hand-poured candles are 100% made from all-natural soybean wax, sourced from American farmers. No chemicals are released into your home atmosphere from petroleum-sourced waxes such as paraffin used by big candle makers 

Pouring Candle Wax
Macrame Key Chains

Hand-crafted items are made with skill and love to bring the quality of handmade into your life. To become more environmentally friendly, we use materials sourced from recycled material to create reusable items for years to come. 

The one product we do not make but we believe in. Used in our home alongside glass, this product helps replace chemical leaking plastics, cleaning up our foods and our health. 

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Handmade just like the good ole days. Bring home for yourself or give the gift of handmade from the farm. Your clothes just fit differently when it's made by hand and with the love of creation. 

Made by Melody is our line of handmade, yes by Melody, jewelry. Bringing quality and creation to your look. We know you will find something amazing that shouts your personality!

Jewelry Accessories
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