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A Look In The Mirror

Who are you? Yes I'm talking to you as your proceeding to read... I'll ask again, who are you? Wait, do you even know who you are anymore or is the default answer your name given at birth? Let's find out shall we..

Let's look in the mirror together, turn on the light and let's get a good look at us. There we are, we need to talk about this physical world and all it's colorful bright lights coming through those beautiful eyes. As we know by now our bodies senses more then we want at times, and since we have the ability to see with your eyes, smell with our nose, in fact we can even touch and feel in this very physical 3D world we currently live in. Our bodies natural inputs all work together sending electrical signals to the brain transmitting shapes of light into information. Let's be honest with ourselves now since we're in front of the mirror, time to hold ourselves accountable. If we don't, who will? I want to live, not live a lie, not fake a smile. Do you like what you see in the mirror? Honestly because it just us, look again and tell me what you see? Listen to your words of honesty. If you can't honest with yourself, fit it. Don't put yourself down, let's keep it positive. If your putting yourself down your already in a negative mindset, this must be corrected. Our brain is a complex super computer we don't fully understand quite so well.. So let's not be our own virus by bringing negativity. Our bodies are temples to keep clean and pure, it's really that simple. So is the world so attractive that you've forgotten who you are? What hold does the world have on you or are you in control of your life?

As you proceed to read let's remember to find ones self again, yes. So in by doing so let's start off with a positive attitude, mind over matter is mindset which is attainable upon raising your vibration. Besides our actions will always speak louder than words, so let our actions speak for themselves and you won't have to say a word for others to see your heart. Let's take life a day at a time, start the day with a smile, I know it's hard but I swear the mirror won't crack when you do. Don't worry you might like what you see one of these days.

What? Did you expect this story to start from one's birth? Who wants to hear that mess, not me. Perhaps you would like me to write using some level of sophistication by painting a backdrop setting in a cabin on the lake or perhaps on a beautiful beach somewhere close to my heart. This setting has a way of grabbing one's attention quickly. Shall I proceed? Ok.

As I was saying... Who am I? So, do you know who you are?

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